Refund Policy

AtSign works to provide accurate, comprehensive results for users. We take purchases very seriously and work with customers to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, AtSign does not review any results ordered by users. Since we have billions of pages inside of our database, it is impossible to review every result and judge if it is relevant to each user's search query. Beyond our existing algorithm, we do not evaluate result accuracy/relevance, or location accuracy when we return results or sell results to our customers

Results are not guaranteed to be accurate or relevant when a user makes a purchase and should be treated as an estimate. We do not guarantee any factual basis when customers purchase results. We advise every user to review each result themselves once their purchase is made before moving forward with any of our data.

As a result, each purchase is considered non-refundable. Once you've paid and received your results, we do not give any refunds. Each purchase made by a customer should be considered one-time and non-refundable.