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Data Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Do large data sizes excite you? At AtSign, we give you an opportunity to work with data at the petabyte scale. We need help from serious data engineers at all levels of our operation. This includes everything from crawling, processing, indexing, post processing, to serving data to our users. This position is available to start immediately. You must have experience with Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, and Amazon Web Services to apply for this postion. Added bonus if you have experience with web page data sets.

Web Crawl Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Interested in crawling billions of web pages? How about trillions? AtSign gives you the unique experience of working with huge portions of the web. We crawl, index, and mine large fractions of the internet. We're a trusted search engine used by individuals worldwide. We're looking for the right engineer to help up scale our web crawling effors. We'd like to improve the speed of our web crawling technology and make it more accurate. If this interests you, give us a shout.

Information Retrieval Search Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AtSign needs immediate help making search results more accurate and fast. If you have experience in information retrieval, search engine quality evalutation, search engine ranking algorithms, n-grams, graph networks, and other information theories, you would be a good fit for this role. Bonus if you're a masters level or phD educated candidate.

Full Stack Engineer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AtSign is looking for the right web engineer to work at all levels of the stack. Customers rely on our product to be fast and reliable. We're looking to improve our user interface and make our services more reliable. If you have experience scaling web apps to millions of users, AtSign could use your help.

Account Executive - Outbound Sales

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AtSign is on a mission to connect B2B businesses worldwide. In order to do this, we need to reach out to potential customers ourselves and educate them about our product. We're looking for an outgoing individual to help us grow our revenue and provide friendly service to potential customers. You must have experience with CRM and dialing software in order to apply for this position. Bonus if you have experience with SaaS and B2B customers.

Customer Support

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

AtSign deeply values its existing customer relationships. Customers often have questions while using our products and could use guidance along the way. As a result, AtSign is looking for passionate, helpful individuals on our customer support team. You must be outgoing and enjoy connecting with others to be considered for this role. You must be independent and detail-oriented to succeed in this position in the long run. You must take AtSign's customer relationships seriously and add a, "personal touch" to each interaction with customers. Previous customer support experience is considered an asset.

To apply, email us directly at [email protected]