About Us

A B2B Web Search Engine Company

What is AtSign?

Founded in early 2017, AtSign is a group of technologists, data scientists, and web enthusiasts committed to connecting businesses through web crawling and search engine technology. We are a trusted innovator and partner helping our customers succeed through advanced technological solutions. AtSign's search engine helps businesses search and export valuable business contact info data into a spreadsheet. This contact information empowers sales teams and marketing professionals. We save businesses time and money.

How Does AtSign Work?

AtSign is the world's first keyword-based lead generation search engine. Users can enter any query that comes to mind and get back contact information. They can enter general keywords like, "dentist" or focused keywords like "dental equipment" or even specific products like, "dental surgical tool" and our tool will return a list of matching businesses and their respective contact information for outreach purposes.

What is AtSign's mission?

Through comprehensive and accurate contact information data, our goal is to connect B2B businesses worldwide. We want to empower businesses of all sizes by providing their sales and marketing teams with lead data.

Where does the name, "AtSign" come from?

The, "At Sign", commonly recognized as, "@" is the main symbol used to indicate an email address. Since our service is focused on serving contact information data such as emails and phone numbers, we felt it was fitting to name our business after it.